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Dear Visitor ;

Initially we are greeting you from Peace Bird tours, from the land of peace,

 adventure, and charm, the land where you basking in sunshine and enjoying

the beauty and tranquility of Nature. Our mission in Peace Bird Tours is serve our clients,

 we want to make of your leisure time a life-long thrilling experience, we devote to keep our customers happy and satisfied.

Our company located in Aqaba Gulf- red sea- Jordan, perhaps you have heard about our engaging country,

 despite of being a small country it has varieties of landscapes and weather.

We are a travel agency is working to host tourists from all over the world and open Jordan gates for all the guests,

each according to his desire of tourism required type and we will spare no effort to put a smile on the guest faces ,

and drilling unforgettable memories in the quests life page.

Our programs offer you different kinds of tours

What we offer in peace Bird Tours:

1-Hotel Reservations

2- Flight Tickets Reservation

3-Eco Tours

4-Adventure Tours

5-Family Tours

6-Jordan history Tours

7-Religious Tours

8-wellness Tours

9-Educational Tours

10-Photogropher Tours

11-Tourism Programs Proposed

We have a lot of ideas and innovative services to provide beautiful pictures of Jordan and send it to all over the world.

So Kind of you to inform us about your Plan in Jordan for( 8 Night , 9 Days) .

 & in Israel (4 night , 5 days) & which type of hotel you want ( 5* , 4* , 3* ) ,  to give the details about the prices per person .

For More Information Please Visit Our Website: www.peacebirdtravel.com .

All Of My Best Wishes.

Tour Operator:

Okla Abasat


from the city as well as literary sources from both Iamvichou and the Great Etymology establish the foundation of the city as being by Alexander the Great or his general Perdiccas, who settled aged Macedonian soldiers there (Γερασμένος-Gerasmenos means aged person in Greek). This took place during the spring of 331 BC, when Alexander left Egypt, crossed Syria and then went to Mesopotamia. It is sometimes misleadingly referred to as the “Pompeii of the Middle East or Asia”, referring to its size, extent of excavation and level of preservation (though Jerash was never buried by a  Jerash  is considered one of the most important and best preserved Roman cities in the Near East. It was a city of the Decapolis. read mor


wadi Rum along with Aqaba marine park are natural protected sites managed by Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority. In addition to those two sites, Jordan has six more nature reserves managed by the Royal Society for Conservation of Nature (RSCN). For more information about RSCN and its nature reserves, see its website www.rscn.org.jo

    Aqaba Marine Park   Raed Mor



Pliny the Elder and other writers identify Petra as the capital of the Nabataeans and the center of their caravan trade. Enclosed by towering rocks and watered by a perennial stream, Petra not only possessed the advantages of a fortress, but controlled the main commercial routes which passed through read more


The area known as the Citadel sits on the highest hill in Amman, Jebel al-Qala’a (about 850m above sea level), and is the site of ancient Rabbath-Ammon. Occupied since the Bronze Age, it’s surrounded by a 1700m-long wall, which were rebuilt many times during the Bronze and Iron Ages, as well as the Roman, Byzantine and Umayyad periods. There’s plenty to see, but the Citadel’s most striking sights are the Temple of Hercules and the Ummayad Palace.

Artefacts dating from the Bronze Age show that the hill was a fortress and/or agora (open space for commerce and politics) read more.